Source Water Management Kerala

Source Water Management Kerala

We could treat water in a number of ways. We can use water, or we could waste water and even we can save water. The problem that we have is that we waste water even though we clearly know the effect that it will have later in our life. We don’t just use water, we waste it in the most ignorant manner possible and the pathetic thing is that we are unaware of it. Mainly because water is available plenty to us and we don’t notice its valuable presence that much. It does not occur to our minds that water is something that needs to be saved. It seems that only a creation of another Cape town will make us understand about the necessity of saving water. And then again, it might be too late. But it is not too late for us to change. Yes, a great damage has been done to the sources of groundwater and the available freshwater. Some areas of countries like India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia face severe droughts and the only solution they have left is to regularly go for sermons and pray until God feels sorry for you.

People in those areas think about survival. Every morning they wake up to a dry world where water is rationed, and their main concern becomes the storage of whatever amount of water they receive. Unlike us, the lucky ones, who brush our teeth with the tap running and take hours of showers and who pretty much wastes litres of water per day. Have we ever wondered about the consequences of our seemingly silly actions? We might even know but it seems that these thoughts are not enough to jolt us to get into water saving mode.

Why should we save water?

This world, nature and all its resources are not ours to take for granted, actually not just ours. They belong to our future generations as well. And we should consider it as a privileged duty to facilitate this world for their existence as well. Not only are we threatening their existence, but we are endangering ourselves too. So, the mammoth task of saving us and the future falls on our shoulders.

If access to water is our fundamental right, then saving of water should be a justiciable duty.

The primary concern when it comes to preserving water should be to protect the groundwater sources.

Groundwater is one of the main sources of the freshwater resource. The replenishing of these takes a long time, so after an obvious analysis, we understand that exhaustion of it is a big issue. Well, we have to face this issue as the groundwater level has decreased drastically in the last few years. Recharging of groundwater as mentioned earlier is not an easy task. Rain and agriculture are two ways through which this can be done.

But we could do much more on an individual level.

1. Reduction of chemicals:

Use of fertilizers and pesticides should be limited. Usage of chemicals for small-scale cultivation should be discouraged.

2. Waste management:

Careless dumping of waste materials and plastic disposal leads to water logging and recharging of water will be obstructed.

3. Recycling:

Prevention is better than cure. In our case, a cure is beyond our doings. If for once our groundwater is exhausted, replenishing is impossible. Reusing of plastic utensils and bottles instead of disposing them is an indirect way of saving groundwater.

4. Sensible usage for household activities:

Litres of water can be saved if we incorporate certain simple things into our lifestyle. Such as turning off water taps and taking shorter showers. If one is ready to make an initial investment then, installation of water-saving appliances and fixtures would make a huge difference.

5. Public education:

People are aware of the importance of saving water but there are people who do not realize the damage they are doing to the groundwater. Awareness classes are a requirement.

The measures given above are familiar to most of us. We might have been hearing these from our childhood itself. The disturbing fact is that even though are all we grown up, it seems that we are still in need of these pointers and awareness classes. What does that say about us? Let’s not just hope for a better tomorrow but work towards it as well.