Here’s why it’s time to get smart about water

Here’s why it’s time to get smart about water

Proven tips for conserving water and preventing wastage

Conservation of water is the need of the hour. Water is a vital consumable for humans. You cannot end your reliance on this fluid. Water scarcity, if it arises, can pose serious challenge for mankind. Clean water sources are always needed in abundance as consumption of contaminated liquid can cause serious health issues. This article sheds light on easy ways through which we can save water and optimize its usage.

Use water judiciously

Often, we keep the tap water running while brushing. Avoid this. Also, if you are in the habit of washing your face with warm water prior to brushing, don’t let the cool water flow out of tap needlessly. Use the cool water for brushing teeth and once the heated water flows in, wash your face. Use water judiciously for other household needs too.

Use water related appliances carefully

Run your appliances in economy mode infallibly. Use the appliances like dishwasher at optimum capacity to prevent water wastage.

Use a dual flush toilet

Get your old toilet transformed into a dual flush one. It can be installed easily and used intuitively. The amount that you would spend on its installation can be recouped easily through reduced water bills. Also, you can get your toilet tank strategically modified to consumer lesser amount of water per flush.

Have efficient faucet aerators in all your taps

Aerators in faucet regulate the amount of water that flows out when you turn the tap on. Shop for highly efficient aerators and have them installed across all your faucets to save more than two gallons of water per minute.

Prevent leakage of toilet

You can check whether your toilet is leaking by adding a dye tablet into the water in toilet tank. If the water in bowl starts getting stained within an hour, rest assured that your toilet has leakage which is costing you heavily in terms of higher water bills. Get the leakage fixed or else get a new toilet in place.

Replace washers for preventing dripping

If your faucet is dripping, you are responsible for wasting hundreds of gallons of water per annum. Get washers in leaky faucets replaced at the earliest.

Use water efficient showerheads

Get your old showerheads replaced with modern, water efficient models. You will enjoy the same water pressure at optimum water flow. Your decision to substitute showerheads would lead to saving of 20-50% of water every year.

Refrain from excess usage of water for a particular purpose

If you are in the habit of using too much water for different purposes like watering your plants in the garden or overfilling the water dishes of your pets, change the same for conserving water. Use only the needful amount of water and if excess water has been inadvertently poured, use the same for other uses.

Start rain water harvesting

The rainwater that collects on the eaves of your house can be harvested and used for recycling or watering plants in your garden.
As an individual, you can contribute your bit in saving water and keep this precious natural resource from running out. Collective efforts on our parts would help in materializing the aspiration of conserving water.