Conserve Water – Every Day, Every Way

Conserve Water – Every Day, Every Way

Water is the most essential element to sustain life. All living organisms including animals and human beings or even plants cannot survive without water.

Though 71 percent of the Earth is covered with water, a large fraction of human beings and animals struggle without water. They have no access to even pure drinking water. There are plenty of parched lands with human communities and animals suffering without water sources even for their basic needs across the globe. Even in India, there are many drought-stricken zones and arid areas such as Rajasthan where people suffer without water.

We cannot live without pure drinking water. Clean water should be conserved so that everyone has access to pure water without any struggles. Water conservation methods are already successful in curbing wastage of water. But the strategies in progress are not enough. We need to implement better water conservation techniques and preserve clean water.

Water is precious – Let’s Conserve it…

Conservation of water is the most economical and clever way to save water. With some conservation, we can save water and avoid indiscriminate wastage of water. This will ensure that people around us can also use water for their basic needs. So take a resolution to conserve precious water and support the lives around you…

Start the conservation process from home…But How?

Gallons of water are consumed each day for domestic purposes. This leads to the wastage of water. At homes, we end up wasting both power and water together. We go on using large amount of water and whenever the water tank is empty, we waste power to pump water frequently into the tank.

There are plenty of ways for saving water at homes especially if you are slightly more careful. Check out these tips… Save both power and water together…

  • Wash your fruits and vegetables in a pan of water instead of running water from the tap

You may not realize but during your daily chores, you end up using large amounts of water. How often do you wash vegetables and fruits under running water? This wastes lot of water. Moreover, the fruits and vegetables are not washed properly by simply holding them under water. Instead, fill the half of a vessel with water and immerse the fruits or vegetables in it for some time. Then rinse them in the water for cleaning them properly. Repeat if necessary. This simple technique saves water and also cleans your fruits or vegetables thoroughly.

  • Shorten your shower by a minute or two and you will save up to 500 liters a month

Bathroom singers alert! Now try to quicken your shower by few minutes…You will be surprised to know the amount of water you can save in a month. Save up to 500 litres of water in a month.

  • Plant in monsoon when the water requirements are lower

If you are proud of your green thumb, you can give vent to it. During monsoons, plant all the herbs, flowering plants or even plan a vegetable garden near your kitchen! While there is ample rainfall in the season, you can save your time and avoid watering the plants. Instead of growing and watering plants during the dry season, this is a clever and easy alternative. Simply avoid wasting precious water during summer season for watering plants.

  • Turn the water off while lathering up in the shower

There is simply no need to leave the tap on while lathering in the shower, it will simply waste water. Instead turn the tap off and lather comfortably. After you have lathered, turn on the tap and enjoy your shower.

  • Toilet leaks can go unnoticed! Be sure to test your toilets for leaks every alternate month

Toilet leaks can waste a large amount of water… Detect the leaks of your toilets periodically using the services of a good plumber or you will end up paying high water bills.

  • While waiting for hot water to come through pipes, collect the cool, clean water in a bucket

When you are waiting for hot water from your geyser, collect the cool clean water in a bucket without wasting it. If the water from the geyser is too hot for bath, you can mix the cool water and use it.

While using water, reflect on the sufferings of people living in dry or parched areas without water. You do not have travel far into rural areas to find such people. You can simply look around the city where you are settled and find many suffering from erratic supply of water. In major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai or Kolkata in India and also in large cities abroad, sourcing clean water is not everyone’s fortune. Many diseases such as Typhoid, Cholera and other infectious diseases spread out on consumption of contaminated water.

Save water… A drop of water is more precious to a thirsty man than a sack of gold…