Well Recharging System — Saving Precious Drops of Rain for Today, and Tomorrow.

Well Recharging System — Saving Precious Drops of Rain for Today, and Tomorrow.

            We all know water is priceless, and when a significant fraction of the world population is deprived of drinkable water, wasting it is a transgression. Knowingly or unknowingly we wastewater. However, wasting water is subjective—and not helping rainwater seep down into the earth is wasting. Though nature has been bestowing us with rain is plentiful and there are rivers everywhere, the availability of freshwater has been gradually decreasing at alarming rates. This has been a serious concern even in our state where there are numerous rivers, canals, and water bodies.

            The only and perpetual solution to the grave problem is identifying and protecting regional water resources as much as we can. To do this, we don’t have a better blessing than rain as endowed upon us by nature itself. Recharging well by collecting rainwater is an effective way to resolve the scarcity of water. The process of letting the water flow into the well is what is referred to as recharging. There are instances where wells are thriving for years with water after constant recharging for only three years. Well recharging is a more efficient way to harvest water than by rainwater reservoirs. The concerns regarding bore wells can also be addressed with the help of rainwater harvesting.

            However, to carry out the process of rainwater harvesting and well recharging, you need to have an effective system that can collect, filter and lead water into wells nearby. This is where Kelachandra Well Recharging can help you with our impressive system for well recharging. Irrespective of the type of roofs, water can be collected with our system. If you have asbestos sheets as the roofing, it is important that you use a suitable sheet to collect water as there are chances of the water collected from the bare asbestos sheet may accumulate chemical substances. 

How can you recharge your well scientifically?

            Whether your roof is concrete, tilted, aluminum or tiles, you can confidently use Kelachandra Well Recharging system to recharge your well quite efficiently. The given steps are to be followed;

  1. Connect your roof with the specifically designed Kelachandra rainwater gutters to collect water from your roof.
  2. Install a Kelachandra HDPE OH water tank with filter materials. Kelachandra HDPE water tanks are manufactured from 100% food-grade virgin material to offer excellent endurance in different weather conditions without sustaining any damage.
  3. Use pipes to lead the water to the collecting tank where a complete water filter system is installed. 
  4. The water collected from the roof is filtered through the system and led to the well.
  5. The pressure of the water falling from the tank will make the underground water networks become more active and flourish.

       Using the comprehensive system for well recharging from Kelachandra. We can certainly support your efforts to perk up the availability of water. For the many summers to come and the generations to live, come let us join hands to collect water as much as possible and persevere it for better tomorrows.

Kelachandra is always with you.