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Pipes For the past three decades, the house of Kelachandra were the flag bearers of industrial innovation in Kerala. The supreme quality of Kelachandra's products is due to the cutting-edge technology employed in our state-of-the-art plants. Kelachandra has been manufacturing PVC pipes since 1974. The factory is located at Chingavanam, Kottayam district in the state of Kerala. Kelachandra pipes are widely used for the conduit of potable water because they are made from superior food quality material.

We follow the stringent regulations of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and our own in-house specifications for maintaining that quality. Above all, most of our pipes bear the ISI mark and ahave a very long life.

Special Features

  • Reliable and safe for pressure and gravity conveying systems.
  • Light-weight and corrosion resistant.
  • Outstanding service life.
  • Algae free and hygenic.
  • Superior opaque finish with smooth scale-free inside.
  • Low cost of Operation and Maintenance.
  • User-friendly with minimal wastage during installation.
  • Best for conduit of potable water.
  • Cheaper to install.
  • Exceptional flexibility and strength even after 15 years of use.
  • 20 years guarantee.

Refer to the charts on recommended size with the correct pressure rating.

Recommended Size & Pressure Ratings

Important Information

For pumping lines, the dimensions of the delivery pipes should match the specifications of the pump. The pipes should not be choked for increasing outflow pressure at any point.

The Kelachandra pipe industries manufacture a comprehensive range of PVC pipe solutions for a wide variety of applications. These pioneering range of PVC pipes have passed stringent Quality Control tests for chemical resistance as well as internal pressure, creep rupture, tensile strength and density.

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